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"We want to ensure you reach a return on your technology led investment"
- Shane Byrne, Showoff CEO

Partners, Awards and Accreditations

Award Winning

Showoff is a multi award winning software development company and marketing agency, and the first tech company to be awarded the Guaranteed Irish stamp of authenticity. Being a member of Guaranteed Irish means a lot to us here at Showoff. We are proud to carry that logo that sets us apart from our competitors and instills trust in our customers.

Shane Byrne, Showoff CEO has represented Showoff in multiple business and entrepreneurship awards since our foundation. These include being announced in the Top 8 Business Professionals in Ireland, Best Young Entrepreneur 2014 and also as on of the Top 3 IT Professionals in the inaugural Irish Early Career Awards alongside representatives from Twitter and IBEC.

Showoff are a Salesforce Partner agency and are regional experts in Heroku and platform development. We are also Google Diversity Program partners and hope to work with our partners to create strong and productive relationships.

Guaranteed Irish

What it means to be Guaranteed Irish

"The Guaranteed Irish mark is a symbol of provenance, quality and values all around the world. It is worn as a badge of honour by homegrown enterprises and by international companies that have chosen Ireland as their base" - Guaranteed Irish 2017

We are proud to have founded the company in our home town of Wicklow, injecting new jobs and growth into the local community and economy. By continuously expanding we are creating more jobs, homegrown talent and putting Wicklow on the map as a key location for talent and scalable businesses.

Local Enterprise Office and Enterprise Ireland

Membership to our local Enterprise Office and Enterprise Ireland has provided essential platforms, which have allowed us to grow and nurture talent. This has resulted in our software and services being exported overseas. To date, Showoff has exported services to the UK, central Europe and the USA.

Our Awards

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Enterprise Ireland
September 2014

South east best young entrepreneur d0faea332158b18cb33051b80a27f8a754faa124e18acefe19f46e4aa2b70424

Enterprise Ireland
October 2014

Best outstanding business cd363836975848cb6d24366cc86600431f5d0108ec6a9be680927c194352e765

Wicklow Chamber of Commerce
November 2014

Our Partners

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Ireland best young entrepreneur ab6c3d4e7fc9c9f445c9f8d8cf952b20ad90778a53f9e4fe5fe7fe68804f0be1
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