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What we do

The How

The Showoff team are passionate about working with exceptional companies and products.
We tailor our approach to match your needs across strategy, design and development for mobile and web solutions. We believe in constant dialogue and communication with our clients so that strategy and design are reflected in awesome code.

Got an Idea?

We work closely with brands and enterprise to help them with their digital strategy in a world dominated by mobile. We will stress test your idea so that you know that your product or solution makes sense, why it is going to be successful and what the monetisation model looks like. Our strategists will adopt lean startup methodology and challenge your assumptions so that your business model is sharper.

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UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design is of the utmost importance to any product or feature. Our team of Designers - led by Austin Byrne, approach every project with the customer user experience at the core of the design process. While style and aesthetics are key - we believe in functionality and simplicity. Each designer strives to ensure illustrative creativity is balanced with functionality and the customer user experience. We want to turn your customers into fans! See what we've made.

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Development Teams

At Showoff we offer our clients a full software development service, from database design, middleware architectures, system architectures, API development, Admin Interface development, front end web development, native iOS and Android mobile development. We act as your development team, working with you to build a performant and scalable platform, all the while ensuring your platform meets its required business needs.

Our Process

The methodology and architecture used for each build is bespoke and agreed between our Senior Architect, CTO and customer. Once we have decided on the best method, we start to write the perfect code.

Agile Approach

We find an agile approach works best for fast paced platforms that require changes to be done iteratively. The results of this "inspect-and-adapt" approach to development greatly reduce both development costs and time to market. Agile development methodology helps companies build the right product. Instead of committing to market a piece of software that hasn't even been written yet, agile empowers teams to continuously replan their release to optimize its value throughout development, allowing them to be as competitive as possible in the marketplace.

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Fixed Scope Approach

Fixed scope (Waterfall approach) is often used where the scope of the project is very clear and known in advance. This methodology puts greater emphasis on agreeing scope in advance and can suit more structured design scopes. The model progresses linearly through easily understandable phases and it also provides easily identifiable milestones. Although it can have advantages in terms of time frames, it can be less iterative. Correct methodology is vital and will be teased out at the planning stage.

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Post Launch Support

Getting your product built and launched is just the beginning. There is no one-size-fits-all in marketing. Showoff has developed a dedicated in-house Marketing team to support our customers once the product has been deployed. The team is led by Andrea Bland, who has over 15 years experience in marketing, communications, branding PR events, digital and much more.
In a space that is continuing to evolve and grow, we believe that it is important to work with a partner who will continually optimise your product. We have developed a full range of Marketing Services that can be tailored to suit the unique needs of both you and your product.


When it comes to maintenance, we cover everything from occasional checkups to additional features and sprints of digital enhancements to product. When it makes sense to bring your technology in-house, we are committed to supporting this process, applying the same level of training and due diligence to that of our own team.