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"We want to ensure you reach a return on your technology led investment"
- Shane Byrne, Showoff CEO

Our work with Start Ups / Enterprise


From ideation to design, development and product launch - we have a complete technical solution for your business. We partner with businesses & brands to help them with their digital strategy in a world dominated by mobile. By shaping enterprise and SME solutions, we help our customers to embrace mobile and enhance their offering from both a strategic and marketing standpoint.

Our Passion

Showoff is a team of Software Developers, Engineers and Designers who are passionate about building high growth and scalable software solutions for disruptive startups. From idea to design, development and product launch - we have a complete technical solution for your startup. We like to see ourselves as your technical co-founder.


The most important element for any startup is funding. How to get access to funding and where to start are important questions. We understand the funding ecosystem and the environment in which our customers are building their products.
We adopt lean startup methodology to ensure you get Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as quickly as possible. We work closely with our clients to ensure that you get to MVP within your funding milestone - always working hard to minimise burn rate and deliver your project as quickly as possible. We use a number of processes depending on the requirements of the project and the nature of the build.

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Protecting your intellectual property and business idea is paramount to Showoff's philosophy. We never outsource! All your work is completed in-house with our development team located in our HQ, so you have peace of mind that whenever you need us, we are here for you. Showoff were the first Guaranteed Irish Software Development Company in Ireland. We are proud of this - it reflects our passion to build everything in-house.


Starting is hard. Funding is harder. Scale, Growth and Exits are harder still...We want to be part of your journey as you scale the company. We ensure your platform can manage scale and volume and ensure that we transition the technology to your own in-house team as you scale. We will ensure back-end issues are reduced so that you can focus on the important revenue generation side of your business.

Our Passion

We want to drive innovation and help companies create groundbreaking and market leading products and features. Whether it is mobile and web application or small sprints of digital enhancement, we are proud to partner with exciting and disruptive companies. We use a variety of methodologies to ensure your Digital Strategy can cross the technology chasm - maximising revenue generation and ensuring companies become optimised for mobile and multi platform engagement.


We are sector agnostic. Creating value and better engagement with your customer is the cornerstone of our development philosophy. We believe in open dialogue and use a variety of collaboration technologies to ensure we build your vision, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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