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Build, Deploy, Scale, Repeat

We use a best in class technology stack, delivering trusted infrastructure for security, reliability, performance and scale.

Our Tech Stack

We are always learning and upskilling to stay ahead of the game, developing new frameworks and keeping up to speed with the latest programming languages. As each project is unique, we take great care to select the most suitable technologies for your project, resulting in a best in class product.

Our Core Technologies

Heroku 7cb0c9867229d6090a395d0da607f5a2e542cc18743ae0afbde2a2bfa2305c99


A reliable, performant architecture hosting platform that provides the backbone to all our applications

Aws f5e75aa1615fe3626b1c026310e6a8c4ae771b368a6a2716d6a62c33b03c0682


A cloud platform, provided by Amazon, that allows for secure media hosting, push notifications and database management

Rails 68c041e1f35187e35d4ddb318fea3772bec8b294ce08a661e909d79c66a03699


A web framework that provides everything needed to build robust, responsive APIs and Web Platforms

Ios 5d04b485fcda1abf43d9e0c1a953103fd2b9a226dced33c707b4dd64c0137822


Native iOS languages that provide the most responsive, intuitive interfaces in iOS applications

Java e76a3e24129dbb3a2d6d844feba6921158419bbe6616705f0e87dc4c5018fcaa


Native Android languages that provide the most responsive, intuitive interfaces in Android applications

React 03a9b7a90515552d08273f1b0bbdddd0d969b4c6d20c1776893930225e1f2dde


A javascript framework that allows for responsive, highly interactive browser based applications