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"We are delighted to have partnered with Showoff. They are great guys with a fantastic track record and fully understood & embraced our vision for Fleet. Having technical partners like Showoff involved with Fleet assures us of the quality of our product and that we are on the strongest footing as we embark on our journey. I would recommend Showoff without a doubt, they are a great team of professionals who understand their customers and that's why I love working with them."
Maurice Sheehy, Fleet CEO & Founder


Showoff were approached by Maurice Sheehy, the founder of Fleet, to create a brand new iOS, Android and web product for his new peer to peer car rental platform.
Fleet wanted to create an engaging and standout platform which would fill a gap in the Irish market, yet seamlessly transfer to export markets globally and scale to meet the demands in line with Fleets ambitions.
With peer to peer car rental already becoming popular outside of Ireland, Showoff were tasked with creating an application and platform which will stand out from the crowd and offer unique opportunities for revenue generation, scale and growth.

Challenged with creating the UI/UX, branding and full design of the platform, along with functionality and incorporation of key revenue generators, Showoff delivered an app that will become the market leader in the P2P Car rental market.

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The complete solution (UX/UI, iOS, Android, Web & Backend Services) was project managed, designed, developed, implemented and is supported by Showoff.
The solution included the following deliverables:
  • Design and development of new system (include database schemas)
  • UX/UI Design of Apps
  • InApp Registration and Facebook Login
  • Location based services and Google maps integration
  • Data recording flows
  • Data management
  • Integration of external services
  • Integration with Stripe
  • Push & Geolocation notifications
  • Training of staff on the system
  • Analytics Monitoring
  • On-going maintenance including uptime monitoring, crash reporting and bug fixing
  • Annual operating system updates
The entire backend was built on Ruby on Rails and is hosted on Heroku.

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