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"Thanks to the excellent work, professionalism and high quality build from Showoff, the HomeSchool website scales in line with traffic and has never experienced any downtime or crashes. Having Showoff as our technical partners gives me the confidence that my website and product is fully managed and runs smoothly, allowing me to focus on the business and spreading the HomeSchool name."
Paul Kelly, CEO and Founder of


Paul Kelly, an Irish based entrepreneur, approached us in 2014 to design and develop a new online learning platform for schools in Ireland. HomeSchool is an online learning platform that takes the grind out of Grinds by providing users with weekly video lessons. Users are enrolled in a 24-week learning program to supplement and support their school learning. Paul required a fully scalable, secure web platform, with a backend admin system which would confidently handle high volumes of traffic and be able to perform immediately. This was most definitely the case when Paul demoed on RTE's Dragon's Den, where he walked away from 2 Dragons offers with hugely positive feedback from all in the Dragon's Den.

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As part of this process we built an API and backend Admin system to facilitate HomeSchool's needs and fast growth potential. After extensive planning with Paul and the HomeSchool team, we came up with Version 1 of the Homeschool Platform.
The complete solution was project managed, designed, developed, implemented and is still supported by Showoff. was the first website to appear on any form of Dragon's Den and not have performance issues with over 100,000 hits per minute during the broadcast. The auto-scaling tools we implemented for performed exceptionally in these circumstances.

The solution included the following deliverables:
  • Design and development of new system
  • Project managed by Showoff
  • To create brand and brand identity including the name
  • To create all associated terminology for
  • Graphic Design of Platform (including design of the '' brand guidelines)
  • Training of staff on the system
  • Analytics Monitoring
  • On-going maintenance including uptime monitoring, crash reporting and bug fixing
  • Continuous development of the platform
  • On-going Digital Marketing support and implementation from Showoff Marketing
The complete solution was developed using Ruby on Rails, HTML and CSS.