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"Showoff have been a strong App partner to VoxGolf throughout startup journey, from idea stage to launch and beyond. We are continuously upgrading the platform and evolving the customer experience so having a development partner that understands this is vital to us. I would have no hesitation in recommending Showoff to any high growth start up with ambitions to scale."
Daniel Lewis, CEO and founder VoxGolf


Founded in 2015, VoxGolf is an Irish-based Golf Startup. VoxGolf develops and distributes web and mobile applications to golfers and the golf industry worldwide. The VoxGolf platform enables users to run competitions over any number of holes; a quick game of four or six holes, or a full 18. VoxGolf's mobile apps act as a digital scorecard for players, with a live leaderboard and results after the round. The service creates new, incremental revenue for professionals and organisers, and adds to the fun for competitors. The platform was built to scale across multiple geographies and currencies and this has been seen since their official launch at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida in Spring 2017.

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The complete solution (UX/UI, iOS, Android, Web & Backend Services) was project managed, designed, developed, implemented and is supported by Showoff.
The solution included the following deliverables:
  • Design and development of new system (include database schemas)
  • Project managed by Showoff
  • UX/UI Design of Apps
  • InApp Registration and Facebook Login
  • Location based services and Google maps integration
  • Data recording flows
  • Data management
  • Integration of external services
  • Integration with Payment Providers
  • Push notifications and Location based notifications
  • Integrated Shop & Supplier functionality
  • Analytics Monitoring
  • On-going maintenance including uptime monitoring, crash reporting and bug fixing
  • Annual operating system updates i.e. iOS 8 and Android
The entire backend was built on Ruby on Rails and is hosted on Heroku.

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